Our wide neck teat

inspired by a mother's breast

The round shape of the teat and the extra-wide lip rest copy mother’s breast and create a natural drinking sensation. Made of soft silicone, our teat stands for an incomparably pleasant and gentle drinking experience. The proven Anti-colic vent ensures an even, smooth flow and prevents your baby from swallowing too much air while drinking. The innovative ACTIFLEX®-system, which effectively prevents the teat from closing due to excessive suction, also ensures a constant flow.

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The right teat from birth

Three teat hole sizes are available to suit your baby's hunger. Teat hole size S for the beginning and a slow drinking flow. Teat hole size M for a moderate drinking flow, e. g. for feeding powdered milk formula and size L for a faster drinking flow,  e. g. for porridge food.  

Super soft silicone

The first moments teat is made of high-quality, especially soft silicone. For a gentle and relaxed drinking experience.

Natural drinking feeling

The round, natural shape copies that of the mother‘s breast and create a natural, special breastfeeding friendly drinking sensation. This ensures a high acceptance of your baby and minimizes sucking confusion.

Recommended by midwives

Our wide neck teat with bottle have been tested by independent midwives and was rated with "good" result (1).

Features Wide-neck teat


Available in three teat hole sizes

The smallest teat hole size for a slow flow of liquid. Suitable for breast milk, pre-nutrition, tea and water.

A medium teat hole size for a moderate flow of liquid. Suitable for powdered milk formula.

The largest teat hole size for a fast flow of liquid. Suitable for thick liquid nutrition.


Material: Silicone

(1) Survey with 50 midwives about Hebammen-testen.de (Lz.-Nr. 1001562). Germany, 2019.


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