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The nip® first moments My Butterfly is the first soother made from over 94%* renewable raw materials with a silicone teat. Its unique shape and light weight are like a butterfly and its large ventilation holes make My Butterfly extremely kind to skin. The soft suction part is both orthodontic and breastfeeding-friendly. The storage box with two hygiene compartments allows two soothers to be stored separately. The box can also be used as a sterilising box in the microwave.

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The motifs of our nip® first moments My Butterfly soothers grow with you.
Choose your favourite colour and see the transformation.

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0 - 6 m

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*Made from renewable raw materials

The shield and knob are made from over 94% renewable raw materials (sugar cane). We have avoided unnecessary packaging material, wherever possible.


Light and airy

The shield is extremely light and lets air through, making it very comfortable to wear.

**100% kind to skin

The slim, permeable shape of the soother shield allows extra air to reach the baby's sensitive skin, which can prevent rashes and skin irritations. In a survey with 50 midwives (Germany 2021), 100% of the testers confirmed the skin-friendliness of the My Butterfly soother (1).

Orthodontic, flexible teat

Due to the symmetrical shape of the teat, the soother can never be used the wrong way round and is therefore particularly orthodontically correct.

Extra soft silicone

Like all our soothers  with a silicone teat, the nip® first moments My Butterfly is made of high-quality, extra soft silicone, ensuring a relaxed sucking experience.


Steriliser transport box included

Our innovative and practical 2-compartment box allows 2 soothers to be stored hygienically and also allows the soothers to be sterilised in the microwave.


Recommended by midwives

The My Butterfly soother has been tested by independent midwives and awarded a 96% recommendation rate (1). Survey with 50 midwives on (Licence no. 1001650). Germany, 2021.


Safe and reliable – brand quality from nip®

During production, special emphasis is placed on the selection of safe materials that do not contain any bisphenol A and are suitable for contact with food. This soother is produced at our company head office in Georgensgmünd, Franconia and is therefore 100% Made in Germany.


Quick guide

Sterilising the soother in the microwave

Fill 5 ml of water up to the mark in both chambers of the box (until the bottom is covered with water) and place one or two soothers in the chambers.

Close the box, place in the microwave and sterilize for 3 minutes at 700 – 1000W.

Leave to cool for 5 minutes. Innovative 2-compartment box allows hygienic storage of a used soother and keeps a second soother clean.


(1) Product test with 50 midwives on Hebammen-testen (Licence no. 1001548). Germany, 2018.

(2) Product test with 100 miBaby users. Germany, 2015.


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