breast milk container and fresh box

makes it easy to portion and store baby food and breast milk

As part of the All-in-One system, the breast milk container can perfectly be combined with the manual breast pump. Thanks to the label panel you can note the content and date for storage. By putting on the teat, the breast milk container becomes a wide-neck bottle in no time at all.

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Our All-in-One system: simple and convenient

The All-in-One system makes pumping, storing, preparing and feeding breast milk easier than ever before. You can use the breast milk container for all steps - without adapter or complicated decanting.

Practical label panel

On the lid of the breast milk container you will find a practical label panel on which you can note the date and contents. With the help of the lid you can safely transport baby food or breast milk or store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

All pieces are stackable

The breast milk container and the lids can be easily stacked into each other. How to save valuable space in your kitchen

Easy cleaning

Thanks to the wide opening, the breast milk container are especially easy to clean, even in the dishwasher or sterilizer.

Features All-in-One system


Available sizes

Breast milk container:

Product information

leakproof and shakeproof

safe for freezer

dishwasher safe

extra wide opening

all pieces stackable

BPA-free raw materials


Material: PP


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