Cool Twister

Safe preparation of baby bottles in just 80 seconds


The Cool Twister is the perfect tool for the safe preparation of formula milk. You reach the temperature required to prepare bottles in just 80 seconds – reliably and accurately. All the important probiotic nutrients are preserved and there are no lumps. The Cool Twister fits all baby bottles and is recommended by midwives.

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Preserves probiotic nutrients

It is essential for your baby's development that it receives all the essential nutrients from powdered milk. The Cool Twister reliably cools freshly boiled water to the temperature recommended for food preparation. This is the only way to ensure that all probiotic nutrients are preserved and your baby is well.

Ready to drink in just 80 seconds

When your baby is hungry, you have to work fast. With the Cool Twister you can prepare bottles in just 80 seconds.

Perfect preparation temperature

If the water is too hot when the formula milk is stirred in, important probiotic nutrients are destroyed. If it is too cold, lumps form because the food does not dissolve properly. Experts recommend always using freshly boiled water and then leaving it to cool when making up bottles, especially for newborn babies. Powdered milk should usually be stirred in at 40°C. Afterwards the bottle has the perfect drinking temperature of about 37°C. The Cool Twister also allows you to cool water to 70, 60 or 50°C, for example to prepare cereals or porridge. All you have to do is adjust the amount of cold water in the Cool Twister's heat sink.

Suitable for all baby bottles

It doesn't matter which bottle you use, the Cool Twister fits all baby bottles.

Top ratings

The Cool Twister's outstanding quality is not just impressive for midwives. In a product test with 100 miBaby users, the Cool Twister received a recommendation rate of 100% (2). On Amazon, more than 1,000 customer reviews, including over 700 five-star ratings, speak for the outstanding quality. Let the Cool Twister impress you too and become part of the nip family.

Safe and reliable – brand quality from nip®

The Cool Twister was developed in cooperation with experts, tested by mothers and recommended by midwives. During production, special emphasis is placed on the selection of safe materials that do not contain any bisphenol A and are suitable for contact with food. The Cool Twister is patented, microbiologically tested and is regularly inspected by TÜV to ensure a consistently high "Made in Germany" brand quality.


Quick guide


Before you use the Cool Twister for the first time:
Open the round sealing screw (there is a screwdriver underneath the base) and fill the Cool Twister with the required amount of water. Use cold tap water for this. Then reinsert and tighten the sealing screw. The Cool Twister should be stored in the refrigerator for at least two hours to cool down (5 - 10 °C) before first use and between use. Pull the heat insulating silicone ring over the Cool Twister cup for a secure grip.
You will find detailed instructions for use as well as information on care and cleaning in the Instructions for use.

Boil fresh tap water and pour into the unbreakable Cool Twister cup up to the base of the ribbed rim (= 210 ml). It is important that you always fill the cup with 210 ml of boiling water (up to the base of the ribbed rim), regardless of how much your child drinks. This is necessary to enable the Cool Twister to work at a precise temperature.

Remove the lid and base from the Cool Twister, turn the body 180° and screw it onto the cup until it stops.

Turn the screwed cup and Cool Twister unit 180° again and place it on the neck of the baby bottle. The hot water then automatically runs through the cooling spiral inside the Cool Twister and is cooled down, based on the simple principle of heat exchange.

The required target temperature of 40, 50, 60 or 70 °C can be set very easily and precisely by filling the Cool Twister with varying amounts of water. Store the Cool Twister in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours between meals to allow the water to cool down again.

You will find detailed instructions for use as well as information on care and cleaning in the Instructions for Use

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in our Cool Twister FAQs.

Product information

Preserves important nutrients

Ready to drink in 80 seconds

Works without electric power

Suitable for travelling

Easy cleaning

Does not contain any BPA


(1) Product test with 50 midwives on Hebammen-testen (Licence no. 1001548). Germany, 2018.

(2) Product test with 100 miBaby users. Germany, 2015.


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